3 Ways to Wear the Latest Sock Trend

April 24, 2017

Vetements is one of my favorite brands right now. I know some people are highly against the brand, a fact that I’ve strangely had a few heated arguments over. I admit that they’re ridiculous pricing-wise, but I think they’re an innovative brand with a strong visual aesthetic. Their Fall 2016 runway show debuted models wearing socks underneath leather boots. If you’re not familiar with the brand, they largely make clothes in collaboration with other well known and established companies. They’ve made bombers with Alpha Industries, trench coats with Mackintosh, and jeans with Levi’s to name a few. These enviable socks are a collaboration with Reebock. When seeing these socks around the internet, I was a bit confused about how to wear them. Here’s 3 ways that I decided to style my Vetements athletic style socks:





1.) With Sneakers

Vans have made a huge comeback. Probably the easiest way to style Vetements socks is with low-rise Van’s and cropped Levi’s. Throw on an oversized long sleeve tee and you’re good to go.




2.) With Boots

This is the way Vetements styled the socks on the runway. Every wardrobe needs a good pair of heeled leather boots. Throw these socks on under your boots with a jean skirt and hoodie.




3.) With Heels

You need to be über confident on the day you decide to pull of this look, but I love the idea of these socks on under a pair of basic black pumps. Scrunch them down and wear them with a basic midi skirt and simple tee. Maybe even a vintage denim jacket on top. The result is feminine with an edge.



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