Tomboy Dressing: Borrowing from the Boys

April 7, 2017

I’m conflicted about something. I feel that my current sense of style is constantly being pulled between two poles: beautiful femininity and androgynous cool girl. There’s something that makes me so happy (and envious) when I see a Clare Waight Keller flowing silk Chloé dress, a Maria Grazia Chiuri Dior tulle gown, a Brock Collection victorian-bodiced floral top. I so want to be that romantic vision, that picturesquely feminine being. But I’ve always had a bit of edge. Something in me isn’t satisfied with that definition of femininity.

I think for that reason androgynous tomboy dressing is so intriguing to me. I long to be an Aymeline Valade-esq mystery.  There’s something that makes me feel so powerful when I wear a pair of menswear trousers, boyfriend jeans, a perfectly cut blazer, a pair of leather loafers. It’s not just powerful but also mysterious. Most girls can pull off a floral dress, but can most girls wear baggy trousers with a sweater and sneakers? Maybe it’s just that they don’t want to? Though not outwardly feminine, I think that dressing androgynously displays confidence in one’s womanhood. No cheap tricks, no plunging necklines or mini skirts. Not that I don’t love the occasional mini skirt. But it forces people to look at you differently in an intriguing way. Especially men.

Try it out, see how it makes you feel, see how people react. Wear a pair of trousers on a date instead of a skin-tight dress. You might find yourself questioning fashion’s definition of femininity along with me.


Tomboy Dressing Essentials

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