RMS Eye Polish and Contouring

March 30, 2016

RMS Beauty is a brand that I’m loving lately. They make clean, green makeup in the best formulas and prettiest shades. Their living luminizer is the stuff that glowy highlighter dreams are made of, making it a backstage favorite. To achieve this shiny lid look I used their Eye Polish in Magnetic. I literally just used my fingers to apply it straight from the pot.

I’ve been watching tons of YouTube videos on contouring- I’m obsessed. For someone who likes more natural makeup, I’ve been hesitant to try this trend, but honestly after one experiment I’m hooked. The key is to keep it natural by highlighting and contouring with shades just slightly lighter or darker than your base. And of course, blending is key. I suppose my artistic skills lend themselves here.

To achieve this look I first evened out my complexion with foundation. Next I painted a triangle shape underneath my eyes extending the width of my eye and the length of the side of my nose. This trick is KEY, and revolutionized the way I use concealer underneath my eyes. This technique helps achieve that Kim Kardashian glow, but less extreme assuming you’re using the right shade. I blended everything out with a never-failing beauty blender. Then for the contouring, I dabbed the tiniest bit of foundation 1-2 shades darker than my base underneath my cheekbones, on the outer sides of my forehead, along both sides of my nose (VERY lightly), and underneath my jawbone. Finally for the finishing touch, I used my living luminizer on the top of my cheekbones, brow bone, forehead, chin, and the bridge of my nose to get a good glow going. Officially addicted.

Photo Credit: Emma Trim

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