NYC Favorites: The Best Brunch Spots

April 17, 2017

I spent time living in NYC for about a year, and I desperately miss it. Absolutely nothing beats brunching with friends and loved ones at a cozy restaurant on a perfect crisp Saturday in spring. There’s something so charming about the bustling, busy energy, people waiting outside for a table, and the tiny, unique spaces these restaurants live in. I’ve rounded up a few of my absolute favorite spots here:

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7.) Café Clover

If you’re into health & wellness like me, this is a great go-to spot regardless of whether the rest of the group is on the healthy lifestyle train. Waffles + a green juice = a perfect compromise. Sitting on the patio and people watching on a spring morning is the absolute best. Afterwards take a little stroll around the West Village; I’m swooning at the idea now (can you tell I miss the city?). (Website)

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6.) Sadelle’s

Full disclosure: I’ve never been here but I feel like I basically have because of the amount of brunching Instagrams I’ve seen. File under hungover and in dire need of carbs. I’m not kidding when I say stacks on stacks of bagels are involved. They literally stack the bagels on the table on a peg. Add your smoked salmon and you’re basically cured of your hungover, or at least ready to sleep for another 6 hours.. (Website)

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5.) Jack’s Wife Frida

American-Mediterranean goodness lives in this fun little lively spot. They have two locations; when I visited I went to the one in SoHo with my parents, as they were visiting me in the big city (gotta love those restaurant packed, parents-in-town weekends). The illustrative branding is very charming, and the food fills you up in the most delicious way. I had a dish, that I can’t for the life of me remember the name of, which consisted of an amazing blend of greens, two poached eggs, and a baguette (pictured here). It was obviously memorable. (Website) 

Photo Credit: @foodrinkrepeat 

4.) Café Henrie

My fellow pink obsessed friends, come to this LES hole in the wall for a killer Instagram. The menus, tables, and cups are all pink while the walls are lined with killer art. The food, like I mention below for Dimes, gives me a little taste of healthy LA eating. They serve delicious acai bowls and egg dishes alongside juices and smoothies. Though the food reminds me of LA, you’d be far stretched to find this type of charm outside of NYC. (Website) 

Photo Credit: @heydavina

3.) Freeman’s

This restaurant is a great place to bring visitors to. You have to walk down an alley before you reach a patio with string lights overhead and a somewhat nondescript door. Once you enter, the décor is striking. They have antlers and stuffed birds on the walls among bookshelfs full of old books. There’s always a new place to look and a little detail to catch. The bright, clean space just works. The food is amazing, as is to be expected, but make sure to order a killer cocktail too. (Website) 

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2.) Dimes

This TINY restaurant was my go-to when I needed a little taste of LA while living on the east coast. They have unbelievably good acai bowls and a large assortment of healthy bites using seasonal veggies and eggs. It’s a tiny space that gets absolutely packed, but fear not: if you’re in a rush they have a little takeout café, called Dimes Deli, across the street that’s just as good. (Website) 

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1.) Marlow & Sons

My home away from home. I love the cozy vibe and warm service. It goes without saying that the food is good, but there’s something about this Brooklyn based restaurant that feeds your soul in addition to your body. Its not something that can really be put into words, I guess you’ll just have to try it to see what I’m getting at. (Website) 


Do you have a list of favorite NYC brunch spots? Let me know what my list is missing!

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