Daily Detox: 8 Ways to Cleanse Daily

April 26, 2017

Health and wellness is something I’d like to start talking about more on this platform. The topic is something that’s important to me. I feel my best when I’m taking care of myself, and I want to share the ways in which I’m doing that. To start with, I like the idea of implementing small things into my daily routine to help cleanse and purify. Detoxing is kind of a trigger word that is associated with major juice cleanses and diets. It doesn’t have to be that drastic. These are the small things I do daily, that when compounded make a major change. Needless to say, there are beauty benefits that come with detoxing..a major plus!


1.) Lemon Water with Cayenne Upon Waking

I’ve seen tremendous benefits from drinking lemon water first thing in the morning. It’s meant to boost your metabolism. If you need an extra boost add some fresh pressed ginger in there too.


2.) Dry Brushing

You’ve probably heard of this one before, it’s quite trendy. You can literally feel the jump start it gives to your circulation. Brush before a shower using upward motions towards your heart. A major plus is it reduces cellulite.


3.) Using a Neti Pot

Don’t use a Neti Pot as a last resort once you’re already sick, but more as a preventative measure. Make sure to use distilled water (with saline solution), not tap!


4.) Oil Pulling

Oil pulling consists of swishing oil (I use organic coconut) around in your mouth for about 15 minutes. It’s meant to pull out toxins. I was super skeptical but after consistently doing it for only a week my teeth were noticeably whiter.


5.) Drinking (lots of) Alkaline Water

We all know that drinking tons of water is amazing for your skin. Every beauty interview mentions it.  Boost your cleansing with alkaline water. My favorite is from Juice Served Here.


6.) Steaming or Sweating

My skin always feels the most fresh after a good sweat. I love jumping in the steam room after a good workout. I am especially obsessed with Shape House, a local LA establishment. It’s an urban sweat lodge that uses infrared heat to help you sweat out toxins. I felt lighter and fresher after just one sweat session.


7.) Getting Greens for Breakfast

I like to start my day off right with a green smoothie or juice. I feel fresh and glowing after getting my greens fix first thing.


8.) Spend One Day a Week Fasting

Now this does NOT mean literally eating nothing. I like to only drink juice or bone broth once a week, usually Sundays as a way to start the week fresh. Your system appreciates getting a short break from heavy foods and can focus on cleansing. More cleansing, more beauty benefits.


I am by no means a health professional. These are just tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way through research. Loosely based on tips from Kris Carr’s book, Crazy Sexy Diet.



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