I’ve Found Natural Beauty Heaven

June 8, 2017

I’ve found natural beauty heaven. It’s in a little store in NYC’s West Village called CAP Beauty. This little store is full of New York charm. The walls are packed with tons of natural beauty brands like Tata Harper, May Lindstrom, Sun Potion, Moon Juice, etc. It’s almost overwhelming how many delicate bottles are carefully placed on the mirrored shelves that line the small space. It’s easy to get lost exploring all the beauty products, remedies, and tonic ingredients that are stocked here.

In addition to carrying an array of beauty products and supplements, there’s also a spa in the back rooms of the store. I had the luxury of receiving a signature facial during my visit to the store. All the products used were natural and calming to the skin. The facial was heavily focused on massage to release tension and encourage both circulation and cell regeneration.

One of my favorite parts of the facial was the mist that were used in between cleansing and masks. I discovered that the product they used is called “The CAPtivator” and it’s a part of CAP’s own brand of products. It’s an energy mist that smells both woody and refreshing. I’m addicted to it now and spray it probably five times a day.

After the facial I was greeted with an elixir made of he shou wu, coconut butter, tocos, and almond milk (very similar to the Sun Potion beauty tonic I wrote about earlier). I felt regenerated and whole, especially after traveling the previous day. My skin was literally glowing like I’d never seen it before. I walked around the whole day in NYC with no makeup, showing off my beautified skin.

I also left the store with a swoon-worthy goody bag including several products from CAP’s perfectly branded line. Included in my bag was a tin of their matcha (definitely my favorite matcha I’ve tried to date), matcha sticks (for getting your matcha fix on the go), coconut butter (incredible in homemade almond milk or literally taken by the spoonful), and a tin of their green tea (have yet to try but will report back).

The staff kindly emailed me after my facial suggesting products and a routine to use at home. This was greatly appreciated because they stock so much product that it’s hard to know where to start or what to buy. The routine they suggested for me was delightfully simple, and included a cleanser, rose toner, and blend of two regenerative oils. They suggested using the same routine for both AM and PM.

In closing, I’d like to mention that this post is not sponsored and contains no affiliate links, which I hope shows that I am genuinely passionate about this brand and store. Take a second to check out their incredible selection of products at CAPbeauty.com. I also love their blog, The Thinking CAP.

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